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Twins: Double the Trouble, Double the Love!

Whether someone is trying to become pregnant or it comes as a surprise, the imminent birth of a child is always one of the most significant milestones in someone's life, if not the most significant. Making room in the heart and home for the new arrival in preparation for that day pleasantly consumes most of our waking hours for the remaining nine months. The nearer the time to delivery, the more excitement grows. When it's time to begin creating the nursery wish list with baby essentials, most lists begin with something like this:

1 Bassinet

1 Crib

1 Highchair

1 Baby carrier

1 Car seat

Then, an ultrasound is performed sometime after six weeks, and there's another surprise! You're carrying twins! And it's time to redo that list of baby essentials and make whatever quantity was a one, a two. And although you may not know many other families with twins, you're not alone. More twins are being born now than ever before.

That's right. The world has become more twin friendly because of more instances of delayed childbearing and easy access to such medical techniques as IVF. In fact, the rate of twin births has risen by a third since the 1980s, with 1.6 million twins born each year worldwide; that's one in every 42 babies. So, twinning is not the rare phenomenon it once was. Still, the news is always a surprise to the family upon which it's bestowed.

There are private, gruesome twin tales of the bottomless pit of sleep deprivation and juggling one bouncing baby on one knee while rocking the other with a foot. And nursing can become a feat worthy of any circus contortionist. Still, there's the swooning in adoration at the first smiles, giggles, and grasps of your finger that remain in your heart forever and make the double trouble that's turned your world upside down all worthwhile. It's double the love.

Arriving in Style Gifts has a curated Signature Bath Box specially designed to welcome the twins in your life, where baby's first frog sits on top of each delightful gift box while bed and bath items are nestled inside.

This box includes TWO of each: Two corduroy plush frogs, two thick terry, hooded towels appliqued with a lime green, froggy; two matching hooded terry bathrobes; two pairs of froggy slippers; a gift box of colorful washcloths; and two burp cloths and bibs. And it's suitable for both boys and girls.

Of course, many of our luxury baby items and baby gift baskets can be adapted with additional items and customized for twins. So, take a look at them and give us a call.

And Congratulations!


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