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The Language of Love

We may not always notice it, but there's a lot of human love going around out there: filial love, romantic love, paternal love, brotherly love, agape love; then there's the love of things not human like certain foods, a specific artist, colors, music, and what we choose to do with our leisure time. We anchor much of our existence upon this thing called love. It's our most meaningful influence in choosing a marriage partner, the style of clothes we wear, how we decorate our home, and what career we choose. After all, who wears clothes they find ugly? Who willingly marries someone they despise? Who eats foods that taste horrible? It's true. Love is everything. And it's reflected everywhere we look.

In the 1990s, Gary Chapman, Ph.D., postulated that each person has a specific love language they prefer for giving and receiving love. According to Dr. Chapman, there are five love languages, and each represents a distinct way of expressing love that speaks to the way you feel cared for. Conversely, it shows how you appreciate someone, too. These are Dr. Chapman's five love languages:

Affirmation - Words of affirmation can be compliments and reassurances that confirm internal love in an external way. People who need words of affirmation like to hear from the people they love frequently because it makes them feel loved.

Physical touch - This style shows love through cuddling, hugging, being intimate, or by simply placing a caring hand on someone's knee or shoulder.

Quality time - Just as it sounds, quality time is about spending time with someone and enjoying each other's company.

Gifts - People who prefer receiving gifts feel validated when you spend the money and/or time choosing something special just for them.

Acts of service - This is when someone performs an act of service for another, like helping them clean, doing an errand, or babysitting.

(Want to discover your love language?

You can take Dr. Chapman's Love Language test here.)

All of these five love languages require the act of giving, whether it be time, service, physical touch, or affirmation. So, in reality, each of the five love languages is simply another gift in another form. In short, love is synonymous with gifting, regardless of what you give.

At Arriving in Style Gifts, we know the Language of Love. Our curated gift boxes attest to it. And we make it easy for you to show someone you love them by offering a wide array of gift boxes generously filled with at least 5-10 distinctive specialty gift items.

Our Rise to the Occasion gift box allows both the giver and receiver to rise to any occasion with love.

Rise to the Occasion

And our Permission to Pause does just that! It gives the receiver permission to pause and enjoy the curated specialty items that make life a little better.

Whether it's the birth of a child, a wedding, a thank you, a birthday, or simply a gift just to show you're thinking of someone, you'll find it with us at Arriving in Style Gifts. So, show some love with Arriving in Style Gifts.


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