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The Importance of Showing Employee Appreciation

Employees make any business, a business. And it doesn't matter what type of business you own or the service you provide. Without employees, your products or services would remain on the shelf and never find their way into the hands of eager consumers, customers who buy what you sell, which eventually turns into profits.

Your profits.

Employee Appreciation Equals Employee Retention

One of the most significant problems businesses face is the cost of employee turnover. The inability to retain employees leads to increased training costs, inconsistent production, poor morale, and reduced or limited profits.

Your profits.

So, why do employees leave an employer? There are many reasons, but one of the top three reasons, and the common theme among them all, is feeling a 'lack of appreciation'. They simply don't feel appreciated for their work, so they leave. And when they turn in their resignation, they go to work for appreciative bosses who make them feel valued.

It's no secret that employee retention rests mainly in the hands of companies that show their appreciation for their employees’ work in tangible ways. This has long been the cornerstone of effective management. And appreciation is even more critical in times of crisis.

We all desire recognition and positive affirmation from the cradle to the grave. It doesn't miraculously disappear just because at work. In fact, being recognized for your work creates a culture of appreciation within the job environment and has the following effects on your employees:

  • Helps retain top talent

  • Encourages high performance - to produce better work more often

  • Spurs innovation

  • Increases employee engagement

  • Are more likely to see promotions as fair

  • Creates higher job satisfaction

  • Creates company loyalty

  • Employees more readily offer assistance to fellow employees

Whatever your employee recognition program involves, gifts should play a central role all year round, not just during holidays. We've all attended our share of Company Christmas Parties each December, and a few of us have even participated in the Annual Employee Appreciation Summer Barbecue. Be different. Don't just appreciate your employees; WOW them with curated gift boxes from Arriving in Style Gifts.

Regardless of whether you own a small business or a large corporation with an HR team that encompasses a whole floor, you know your employees' birthdates and the anniversaries of their employment. So, send them curated Gifts with Style to show them you remember and care. Do they love to cook? Why not send them our Gourmet Gifts! Maybe an employee just had a baby? Our Baby Gift Box is perfect for showing you appreciate them at work or recuperating at home.

Chocolate lovers love our Chocolate Gift Boxes. And those who love to entertain think our Charcuterie Gift Box is unrivaled. They will make anyone's day for any reason and take corporate employee appreciation to another level.

Lastly, with our Just Because Gifts, you don't need a special occasion; just pay special attention to your employees and show them your appreciation. And corporate gifts show appreciation.

Remember: employees who feel appreciated are happy employees.


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