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If Orange is the New Black, then Staying In is the New Going Out

The COVID-19 pandemic has not totally disappeared into the annals of history, but the mandated lockdowns are over, and vaccinations allow even greater freedom of movement. As a result, socializing has resumed to pre-pandemic levels, and the world seems to be moving forward. After being stuck in the house, people are finally getting out and mingling again.

But here's a surprise: A recent study of 2,000 American adults over 21 discovered that people would rather stay in than go out. And a whopping 71% of them even look forward to weekend plans being canceled so that they can stay home.

And there are more surprises: While 69% of Americans prefer to stay home on weeknights – 38% say they continue to be homebodies on Saturdays and Sundays and have no plans to change that. Eight out of ten respondents would rather stay home to entertain friends.

"Americans are deciding home is the best place to relax," says Moya Dolsby, executive director of the Idaho Wine Commission that sponsored the study. "Instead of going out, they're enjoying downtime or entertaining friends at home."

You'd think that after being sequestered in our living rooms for months, we'd be so busy making up for lost time by attending social functions that we'd not have enough time to sleep. Wrong! Instead, we've become homebodies. And as the cold weather draws closer, we're even less apt to bundle up and brave the drops in temperature.

So when staying at home is better than going out, and apparently, it is for the majority of us - Arriving in Style Gifts will make your home time just as memorable as going out without opening your front door.

Our Let's Stay at Home curated gift box with its wood Charcuterie board and gourmet goodies make staying at home an adventure in coziness. And speaking of Cozy, The Cozy Gift box is perfect for two.

Our Celebrate Home with a quilted potholder and oven mitt in a festive French design makes this gift playful and pristine when perfectly combined with a candle, cookies, and all the other lovely gift items it contains.

The truth be told, there isn't one thoughtfully curated gift box among our collections that won't make your time at home cozier, warmer, more comfortable, and forever inviting.

So, when you think of your employees, colleagues, family, friends, and clients, think of Arriving in Style Gifts. And help make their time at home even more meaningful.

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