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Going Gourmet

We've all heard the word 'gourmet' used. And although we may not be able to define it strictly, we sure know what it is when we see it. It's characterized by a refined presentation and has to be as pleasing to the eye as it is to one's tastebuds. In addition, it offers unique or rare ingredients that raise one's palate into another world of gustatory paradise.

In short, it's not your ordinary hot dog.

The word "gourmet" comes from the French word "gourmand," meaning a wine-taster who had to be able to detect high-quality wines using all their senses, not just taste - the bouquet, the color, the quality - everything was as important as taste. So, "Gourmet" food embodied the whole experience and still does. It impresses the senses—all of them.

Traditionally, gourmet food was available only to the wealthy because of the scarcity and cost of the ingredients. As a result, these specialty foods were only capable of being prepared by the finest chefs. However, over the years, as world travel exposed us to cultural differences and foods became less expensive and easier to buy, the elitist perspective changed. As a result, the word "gourmet" now encompasses a much broader range of food and drink. Still, the exceptional food quality and the beauty of its presentation remain the defining factor, setting gourmet foods apart from their common counterparts.

This defining factor is as essential with gifting as it is in choosing the finest gourmet restaurant to pleasure your palate. And at Arriving in Style Gifts, we take that defining factor seriously by creating high-quality curated gourmet gift baskets that delight the palate and bring pleasure to the eyes; not only for corporate gifting but for those special personal occasions when only the best will do.

Do you enjoy specialty cocktails? Our "Cocktails Anyone?" contains all the fixins' necessary to kick your cocktail hour up quite a few notches into the realm of gourmet. Two crystal drink glasses, a box of six organic cocktail mixes, a cutting board, specialty garnish tools, and so much more will have the recipient going gourmet without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Our "Chocolate Bliss" elevates chocolate to heights where only the best chocolatiers go, and our "Supreme Snacker" makes snack time exceptional. With its relaxed refinement, this curated gift box shows that combining golden bronze with black gives this design tasteful touches of sophistication for birthdays and congratulatory occasions while being subtle enough for any holiday, event, or occasion.

So, if you appreciate the highest quality curated gift boxes that understand gourmet, you've come to the right place: Arriving in Style Gifts.


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