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Gifts with Style: Celebrating your Employees' Birthdays!

Birthdays. Everyone has one. This may sound obvious, and it is. But it’s because everyone has one, that it's also the most celebrated single event in the world.

Although births have been in existence forever, birthday celebrations have not. So here is some interesting birthday history to think about the next time you purchase curated gift boxes.

The Origin of Birthday Celebrations

We can thank the Eqyptians for putting birthdays on the celebratory map first. When pharaohs were crowned deities, the Egyptians believed the pharaohs were being 'birthed' into gods and commemorated this transformation with the first birthday parties. It was the pharaoh's BIRTH-day into immortality.

Next, the Romans adopted the practice but brought it more down to Earth. They would shower a newborn boy with gifts, then party like only the Romans could. And yes, you read that correctly: birthdays were only for boys. Girls had to wait for over a thousand years before they were worthy of the same celebration.

And did you ever wonder from where the tradition of blowing out candles on a birthday cake came? The Greeks did it in homage to their god Artemis, the moon goddess. The cakes were made round, in the shape of a full moon, and the candles represented the moon's reflected light. Then, the celebrant made a wish -sometimes to ward away evil spirits- blew out the candles, and the smoke carried their wishes toward heaven.

Today, we've combined all these pagan ceremonies. We've even added pony rides and bounce houses for the little ones and corporate gift box giving for the grown-ups who care about quality. Arriving In Style Gifts can't help with ponies or things that go bounce in your yard, but we're experts at curating luxury gift boxes for your clients and staff.

Their birthday represents an opportunity for you to emphasize how much they are valued for the contributions they make to your company and their fellow employees.

Give them what they want. There is a curated gift box for everyone at Arriving In Style Gifts. If they're chocaholics, send them our Chocolate Bliss. Do they like goodies? Our Bold and Beautiful Gift Box is full of gourmet goodies, and our Sweet and Savory Snacker Gift Box will keep them singing your praises between scrumptious bites of chocolate peanut butter cups and sips of Chai.

Cocktails Anyone? Yes! We have those too, along with Wine and Cheese Lovers Box, curated with only the finest from both worlds. And our Orange Ginger De-Stress Box is the perfect end to a perfect day on the job.

So make their birthdays special. They deserve that just as much as you deserve capable and loyal employees.

A gift box from Arriving In Style Gifts honors them on their special day. It doesn't just say you care; it says you care a lot!


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