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Food for the Soul

It may sound ridiculously obvious, but we all need to eat. Just like breathing, we can't survive without it. It's one of those simple truths that guide our lives regardless of color, income, political affiliation, or religion. So, when you give a gift that contains things you can eat, you're actually helping to sustain life. Of course, we don't think of gift-giving this way, but it's accurate. And current research suggests we love receiving gifts we can eat. Why? Because it triggers the release of deeply embedded emotions, those internal states we associate with pleasant memories and experiences.

It's clear that food touches the soul.

Food also nurtures, not only physically but emotionally as well. Subconsciously, we're transported back in time to that place where we made our first loving connection to the outside world: our mothers. So, there's a lot more in a food gift box than just food. There's intimate connection and life.

Never underestimate the power of food when thinking of corporate gift giving. Recent research revealed the top reason people like receiving food as gifts is because they enjoy trying new things they wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves, like gourmet and specialty foods. And more than half said they like getting gifts of food because they can share it with family and friends. So giving food gift boxes seems to bring out the best in everyone.

And what a way to celebrate! Most of the major customs and celebrations revolve around or include food. Think Thanksgiving, weddings, Christmas dinner, a 4th of July barbecue, and going out to eat for anniversaries and birthdays. Whether it is planning, preparing, or eating food, it's a great way to gather with loved ones. Food has been and will be an integral part of all our celebrations.

Arriving in Style has a myriad of tastefully (pun intended) curated gift boxes for every occasion to help you nurture your relationships with employees, friends, and family. Our Supreme Snacker is perfect for all the ways we gather. This bold black gift box curated with gourmet

goodies, includes a hand-carved wooden bowl, chocolate truffles, and all-time favorites like cheese and sausage, mixed nuts, chocolate pretzels, and more. This box says, "Indulge Yourself!"

How about our Comfort and Joy Gift Box, which is beautifully presented in whites, creams, and soft olive green and packed with gourmet goodies like white chocolate-covered pretzels and chai? A sweetly scented perfumed candle and other curated specialty items show the the receiver you care.

Want to make someone feel beautiful? Our Beau-TEA-ful Gift Box contains a complete set of tea tools and comes in the coolest designed kraft cardboard packaging. A tea infuser, teas, a tea towel, tea cookies, and dehydrated lemon wedges are curated into a study white, reusable box decorated in crisp whites with yellow ribbons for a sunny citrus vibe.

Most of our curated gift boxes contain at least a few gourmet food goodies, while some are solely snackable. So, take a look. From chocolates to wine and cheese, Arriving in Style will feed your soul.


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