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Corporate Gift-Giving: In Sympathy

For most people, death is not an easy subject or a comfortable one for most office, cocktail, or dinner conversations. Yet, since the pandemic, the death rate has surpassed the birth rate for the first time in centuries here in the United States; simply stated, more people are dying now than are being born. Death has, and always will remain, the singular inevitability we all must face at some time. It's our one commonality. There's just no way around it.

So when someone in your company dies, or a close member of their family dies, what do you do? Send flowers? Maybe send a representative from the company to attend the funeral? How do you show them that you acknowledge something dramatic and overwhelming has happened to them? How do you comfort them during a time in their life that is, for a time, beyond consolation?

You give them thoughtfully curated gift baskets with style from Arriving in Style, instead of sending flowers.

Sympathy gift etiquette is a sensitive subject, but your company must represent themselves and be there for the bereaved in some way during one of these three crucial emotional junctures in grief:

  1. Either before, during, or within a week after the memorial service.

  2. When a service is held months after the death, such as when scattering someone's ashes.

  3. Sometimes, it's appropriate to send a gift a few weeks after the memorial service, so they know you're still thinking of them. This time is incredibly lonely for the bereaved when all the hustle and bustle of decision-making, arrangements, and telephone calls, is over, and they have to adjust to the 'new normal' without their loved one.

What to Purchase as a Sympathy Gift

A simple rule of gift-giving during bereavement is that it's best to refrain from more personal gift-giving unless you know the bereaved personally. But, this kind of intimacy can be difficult to maintain within a large corporation. Luckily, Arriving in Style has thoughtfully curated several luxury gift boxes anyone can enjoy, regardless of how well you know them. And because there are 5-8 specialty gift items in each, they can be shared with the multitude of houseguests who inevitably arrive to pay their respects to the bereaved individual or family.

Gourmet comfort food, like our Supreme Snacker and Sweet and Savory Snacker, are a welcome addition to any household or small gathering. Our curated Beau-TEA-ful Gift Basket emphasizes this memorable time with loved ones and friends. And our Orange Ginger De-Stress Gift Basket helps relieve some of the anxiety that can afflict the soul during this trying time.

To a bereaved employee or client, corporate gift-giving is the perfect way to express your sympathy when words just are not enough. And you can bet they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and support for years to come.


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