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Cocktails Anyone?

Designer cocktails have become the current creative rage for entertaining at home, as well as during happy hours and social events, with bartenders acting more like mad scientists concocting exotic potions than anything else.

Gone are the simple days of the Marguerita and Whiskey Sour. Replacing them are drinks with names like Corpse Reviver, Ramos Gin Fizz, and the Sazerac. Many have herbs, fruits, and flowers floating on their surfaces, too. And how about martinis? There are actually 51 variants of martinis, whether you like them shaken or stirred.

So, there's a lot more to know about the world of upscale alcohol consumption than there used to be. But fortunately, there's only one question you really need to know when it comes to giving alcohol-themed gift boxes: Is alcohol appropriate for this person?

Don't Assume

Assumptions can be risky unless you clearly know the answers to the following questions beforehand:

  • Has the intended person had struggles with alcoholism or addiction? Unfortunately, many recovering addicts aren't open about their battles with alcohol and/or drugs. This is especially true in their professional environments, where fear of condemnation could create poor working relationships.

  • Does their religion prohibit alcohol? Some religions, like some branches of Christianity, Muslims, Jainism, and Buddhists, avoid alcohol.

  • What are their personal preferences? Some people avoid alcohol for various reasons like health, athletic goals, weight loss, or mental health issues, while others may only like certain types of alcohol.

  • Do they have a challenging family history with alcohol? Some people have relatives with a history of alcoholism and, therefore, may have strong aversions to anything alcohol-related because of it.

  • What are your corporate policies? Some workplaces have internal policies about the giving and receiving of alcohol.

Let's face it; alcohol isn't for everyone. But if you know someone who appreciates an aperitif now and then and who thinks the cocktail hour is one of the best hours in the day, then Arriving in Style Gifts has a collection of cocktail-related gift boxes sure to make any happy hour even happier.

For ladies only, we have the Celebrate Box full of sweet treats, cookies, chocolate pretzels, cake mix, party dip, and Frose" a 32 oz. bottle of beverage mix, plus more.

Our Cocktails Anyone? gift box contains all the fixins' necessary to craft numerous different cocktails, with two crystal drink glasses, a box of six organic cocktail mixes, a cutting board, and garnish tools to take your cocktail hour up to another level.

And, of course, there are all our other curated gift boxes to delight those who have no interest in alcohol but truly enjoy getting and giving the best for jobs well done, acknowledging friendships, greeting new babies, saying thank you, and celebrating all those events that make life worthwhile.


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