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Buying That New Home

The housing market has seen its ups and downs in the past few years. And inflation hasn't helped drive the prices of necessities like food and clothing down, either. But whether buying or selling investment properties or primary residences, 2022 could be the year to resume your housing searches.

According to experts, price surges and inventory shortages should begin to stabilize this year, thanks to the fading influence of the pandemic on our health, pocketbooks, and social life. Coupled with the dramatic increase of permanent remote work opportunities, new locations for settling down are the next attractive real estate markets in post-COVID America.

In addition, Zoom towns continue to rise in popularity. What are zoom towns? Here's what Rocket Mortgage has to say about them:

"The term "zoom town" is a play on the old term boomtown, which referred to towns and cities that experienced large growth due to oil discovery. The "zoom" in zoom town refers to the virtual conferencing software, Zoom, which many remote workers use.

So instead of oil, zoom towns are communities growing due to increased remote work opportunities. This shift toward remote work has resulted in changes in housing market trends. With fewer people having where they live dictated by their jobs, they're freer to live in areas of their choosing, as long as there's broadband internet access."

Industry analysts are also predicting a trend toward purchasing homes in the Sun Belt areas, places like Jacksonville, San Antonio, Charlotte, and Raleigh, where money can stretch further.

What does this mean for you as a Realtor? Sales, sales, sales!

Selling that first home to an enthusiastic couple or individual is almost a sacred rite. You are participating in an honored tradition, helping them support themselves by finding the perfect home in the perfect town to put down roots, maybe for generations. And if they're still staying in the same town but moving to a different part, they'll be experiencing a new neighborhood and all that means.

Once the closing occurs, there's no better time to show them how honored you are to have been a part of this momentous shift in their lives. And Arriving is Style Gifts has the perfect gift boxes for the new owners that will make them remember you and all you did for them long after they move into their new home.

With our Supreme Snacker, you can indulge your clients with a hand-carved wooden bowl, chocolate truffles, all-time favorites like cheese and sausage, mixed nuts, chocolate pretzels, and more. They can even share these gourmet delights with their new neighbors, who may come to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Our Comfort and Joy is perfect for after the moving-in is accomplished and the new owners have time to relax and just enjoy their new surroundings.

And of course, our Let's Stay at Home says it all! This gift box is a rustic yet elegant gift that promises to amp up the coziness. Making a statement, the live edge, wood, Charcuterie board is just one

of the special gifts curated into this astonishing collection of upscale,

artisan-made items and gourmet delights.

Then again, any of our luxury gift boxes could be the perfect 'homecoming' gift to your clients, especially if they value quality as we do at Arriving in Style Gifts.


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