Gifts for Twins

Gift For Twins
Green frog new baby gift boxes for twins
TWO Green Frog- Signature Bath Boxes for Twins $78.99 each

Our signature details are evident in the gift ready packaging of this adorable arrangement.

Baby's first frog sits on top of each delightful gift box while bed and bath items are nestled inside.  Each box includes a thick terry, hooded, towel, appliqued with a lime green, froggy,  a matching hooded terry bath robe, a pair of froggy slippers, a gift box of colorful washcloths, and a flannel receiving blanket Suitable for boy or girl twins.

Two gift boxes will for each  baby at $78.99 each.

Twins baby basket with giraffe themed gift items
Two By Two - Arrangement for Twins -  $156.99

​Soft beige, cremes and browns make this neutral gift perfect for boys or girls. In a tan reusable basket we have doubled up on two plush giraffes, two cotton knit outfits including  2 tops, 2 pants, 2 bibs and 2 onesies all with precious baby giraffe embroidery, two plush giraffe rattles, two pair of socks and a silkie soft crib blanket. Suitable for either boy or girl twins

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Bed and Bath Ducky Hamper for Twins - $243.99

With all the essentials for bed and bath, our quality 13 x 13 inch canvas storage hamper will be perfect for the baby's new room. We  have included a plush cordoury duck that hugs a soft polar fleece baby blanket,  two ducky appliqued hooded terry towels with two matching terry robes, two slippers, two ducky bath puffs, a gift box of two burp cloths, two bibs, two PBA-free bottles, and two soft velour sleep and play outfits.


This arrangement is made up in a neutral green and yellow combination, making it suitable for

baby boys and/or baby girls.

Duck themed storge container filled with bed and bath gifts for twin babies.
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Close-up of the


puppy slippers

Scruffy Puppy - Basket for Twins $199.99

Our Scruffy puppy has been a customer favorite for more than 25 years. How could we not  include him in our newest

Baby Gift Collection!


We have doubled up on every item, with two Scruffy puppies, two polka dot velour sleep and play outfits in your choice of pink or blue, two pair of puppy slippers,  two plush receiving blankets and two cotton outfits with pants, tops and bibs


This arrangement is suitable for boy and/or girl twins.

Please make your color choices in shopping cart.

New baby twins wood crate filled with organic cotton wearables and various baby gifts.
Organic Lamb-- Wooden Crate for Twins  -  $349.99

When quality really counts, this upscale arrangement is well-appointed with boutique baby items. All tucked into our vintage-look wooden crate, you will find a luscious 100% organic cotton, hand knit blanket, two 100% organic cotton hand knit sweaters, two pair of fuzzy lamb slippers, two super soft cotton bibs,, two velour sleep and play outfits and two 13" plush lambs.


The soft neutral colors of this arrangement make it a perfect chocie for boy and/or girl twins.

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